This is the fifth step of syncing Clever with ClassTag. If you intend to see the high-level view of how to start syncing with Clever, please click here.

If you are done with the first four steps, please proceed.

After you add ClassTag rostering and SSO apps to your district, ClassTag will create an initial sync configuration for you. You can then adjust the settings to make sure the sync meets your needs.

To adjust the settings, please follow the steps below.

1. Go to the District page

2. Go to the Settings tab

3. Click SIS Rostering

4. Click District-Level Daily Sync

Now, adjust the following to how you want the sync to happen.

Allow the ClassLink sync to manage guardians

If you want ClassTag to pull guardians from ClassLink, make sure this setting is ON.

If you want ClassTag to pull the guardian information from other sources (e.g. you plan to use the guardians.csv file), please leave this option OFF and notify ClassTag support about it.

Unarchive classrooms that re-appear in the roster data

This setting makes sure that the classrooms you share from ClassLink are always active on ClassTag. You can always change this.

Allow the sync to update contact details of active users

If your SIS data is the most up-to-date source of user contact details, you may choose to enable this option.

If enabled, it will automatically update the contact details of all users who are part of the sync including the automated guardian SFTP sync users. The sync will also update user login on ClassTag for people who login using email or mobile phone. Users will receive email notifications about the update and will not be able to update their own contact details.

If the setting is disabled, the sync will manage user contact details only until he claims his ClassTag account.

5. Click Save.

Note: DO NOT enable the sync yet.

Proceed to the next steps here.


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