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Self-check Guideline before Enabling OneRoster Syncing
Self-check Guideline before Enabling OneRoster Syncing
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This is an additional step after completing all necessary steps before enabling OneRoster to sync with ClassTag. If you intend to find information about how to start the sync, please click here.

If you are ready to sync, please follow the steps and advice below.

Ask yourself what to do with the following:

Existing Families

For schools that already have students on ClassTag, ClassTag recommends archiving all of them.

Since the first sync will not touch existing students and will create new ones, after the sync is complete, District or School Administrators may run an optional merge process to merge the old students with the new ones, to preserve historical data in the students.

If the guardian's old information doesn’t need to be on ClassTag anymore, please also remove all guardians from the students. To do this, please do the following:

1. Go to the District or School page

2. Click the Directory tab

3. Select the students or all students

4. Click Actions

5. Click Remove Guardians

When switching to an automated roster synchronization, if it is important for you that existing guardians continue using their old accounts instead of getting new accounts, ClassTag recommends updating the contact details of those guardians manually before launching the sync for the first time.

Multiple-Role Users

To support users who are staff members and guardians or are parents of multiple children, ClassTag allows its users to have multiple roles under one account.

To achieve this, it is up to you to ensure that all roles for the same person use the exact same name, email, and phone in SIS.

If the contact information is different for different roles, people may end up having several independent ClassTag accounts which is not an optimal solution.

If you do want staff members to have different ClassTag accounts for their staff and guardian roles, please make sure that these roles have different email addresses in the SIS data.


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