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How should I configure my school network for ClassTag?
How should I configure my school network for ClassTag?

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Many schools use security services to ensure that their networks are safe. It is sometimes necessary to tell these security services which websites and apps teachers can use on the school network. You may have to “allowlist” a particular service, such as ClassTag, before teachers can use it.


If your school needs to allowlist ClassTag, please let your IT administrators know that there are two URLs which should be added to the allowlist:


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We cannot share an IP address for our application in any meaningful way. They change often based on how our system works, and we use many different IP addresses in a single set of requests. It is important that your firewall is configured to use our DNS name records, not IP addresses.

Email Allowlisting

ClassTag uses fixed IP addresses to send emails. To maximize delivery success of these emails, your school’s email servers may need to be configured to allow emails from the following IP addresses:



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