How do I upload parents/guardians' SIS data manually?
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ClassTag Connect offers Single Sign-On (SSO) rostering integration with ClassLink or Clever. Alternatively, set up data with SFTP or use our manual process in the product.

If you use ClassTag Integration but decide not to automatically sync parents/guardians' information, follow the steps in this article to upload and connect them to their children's profiles.

ClassTag Sync is only available to ClassTag Connect customers. Please contact our Support Team at if you are interested in upgrading your ClassTag Account.

District Level

1. Go to the District page

2. Click the Settings tab

3. Click SIS Rostering

4. Click Upload on the Upload Guardians Section

NOTE: You can download the sample file by clicking Guardians.csv next to the Upload button.

School Level

1. Go to the School page

2. Click the Settings tab

3. Click SIS Rostering

4. Click Upload on the Upload Guardians Section

NOTE: You can view the sample file by clicking the Upload button or by clicking here.

Guardians.csv File

The guardians.csv file must use specific formatting to upload successfully. Below is the definition of each column and its purpose.


  • Students' unique identifiers used on your initial sync or upload.


  • Parents/guardians' unique identifier from your SIS rostering application.


  • Parent/guardian's first name.


  • Parent/guardian's last name.


  • Parent/guardian's email address to be used to log in and receive email notifications.


  • Parent/guardian's mobile number to be used to log in and receive SMS notifications.


  • Parent/guardian's home phone or an alternative mobile number to be used for records.

  • Will not be used for notifications.

  • Optional.


  • Parent/guardian's preferred Language of communication.

  • Used for automatic translation of Announcements, Events, and private messages.

  • Language codes are listed here.

Note: Make sure that School IDs and Classroom IDs on ClassTag and in your files match, especially if they start with zero.

Finalizing the Upload

You can test if the file is usable and upload it as a Dry Run before actually uploading and allowing ClassTag to modify the data already uploaded or synced.

When you are ready to upload the guardians.csv file, click Start Processing.

This may take a few minutes depending on the size of the file that you uploaded. You are free to use the app and go back to check if the upload has finished at a later time.

Review the parents/guardians connection from your Directories and you're all set!

If you see any error messages or the upload is not succeeding, please reach out to our Support Team at


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