How do I integrate ClassTag into my remote website?
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With ClassTag's Remote Website Integrations, website administrators can embed ClassTag information anywhere on the internet. Integrations are snippets of code that can be embedded on school websites, social media sites, blogs, and the like to keep parents and students informed. The Remote Website Integrations are sometimes called Widgets.

Public Announcement Widget

Schools and districts can create announcements that are public. These announcements are shared via our Social Sharing feature.

The widget displays public announcements from any district or school.

Remote Website Installation & Configuration

The widgets are implemented as iframes. The school website administrator adds an HTML code to the website to make the widget appear. Each widget has the following format:

<iframe src=”installation_code”></iframe>

You can find the installation_code for each widget below.

ClassTag Installation & Configuration

Go to the school or district page on the administrator's ClassTag account and create a new announcement. Copy and paste the URL, which includes the id needed to link the widget.

For a school:

For a district:

The :id can be copied from the school or district’s URL. It is usually the name of the school separated with hyphens.

Sharing Public Announcements

Create a new announcement on the district or school page. In the announcement, add the content and select "Public Broadcast." The remote website host will display all public announcements.

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