School Staff members can upload students' and parent/guardians' information into the School Directory on ClassTag by copying their data following a standard format using a spreadsheet.

If you are uploading on the Classroom level, please click here.

Spreadsheet Format

Please remember that all headers/column titles must be followed and copied for this process to work.

Student Columns

Required Fields: student first name and student last name

Parent/guardian Columns

Required Fields: guardian 1 email OR guardian 1 phone. Must have at least one or both.

Note: If you want to put the parents' names, it MUST have both first and last names. Otherwise, leave them all blank.

You can see the list of Language codes here and the acceptable Grade-level codes in the table below.

You can upload up to TWO parents/guardians per student at a time using the Copy from a Spreadsheet method. Add another set of columns for the second parent/guardian as shown in the sample photo below. The same conditions as the first parent/guardian columns have to be met.

You can use this sample spreadsheet as a template.

Copying the Data from the Spreadsheet

1. Click the Hamburger menu.

2. Click the School.

3. Go to the Directory tab.

4. Click the orange button on the upper-right or the Copy From a Spreadsheet button if your School Directory is currently empty.

5. Click Copy From a Spreadsheet. (Skip this if you clicked Copy From a Spreadsheet on the previous step)

6. Copy the data from your spreadsheet.

7. Right-click on the Paste here section and click Paste.

8. Review the roster data and, if everything is correct, click Import

Note: You may get errors when the values are invalid. If this happens, the invalid entry will be highlighted in red. Correct the error from your spreadsheet and copy it again to proceed to the next step.

9. Students that already exist in the School Directory will be detected. Decide whether to:

  • create a new student,

  • or skip the student.

10. Click Apply. Wait a couple of minutes. It may take a while depending on how many students and parent/guardian information you're uploading.

Note: If a parent/guardian's email or phone number from your spreadsheet already belongs to an existing ClassTag user, we will find that user and connect them to the student. Please note that in some cases, their names may be different from what you copied from the spreadsheet.

Adding them all to the School Directory using the process doesn't enroll students in their classrooms. You will have to do that manually by following the instructions from this article.

If you end up with duplicate students, you can merge them by following the steps here.

All set! Your Class Directory is now updated! 😊


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