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How do I assign Students from the School Directory to my Classroom?
How do I assign Students from the School Directory to my Classroom?
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Teachers who have classrooms connected to a school can assign students to their classrooms from the School Directory.

This process allows teachers to connect with parents/guardians that have already been invited previously without needing to send new invitations.

Please remember this will only work if the school allows you to manage your classroom rosters manually and your classroom is connected to the school. If your school is syncing with Clever, ClassLink, or SFTP, this action is not available.

1. Go to your class.

2. Go to the Directory tab.

3. Click the orange button.

4. Click Assign Students.

5. Scroll, search, or Enroll a Student.

  • Scroll through the page to find your student.

  • Use Search

  • Enroll a new Student (used when a student is not in the School Directory yet)

    • Please note that you can only enroll a new student if the School permits teachers to enroll new students. If you do not see the option, please reach out to your School Leader or contact

    • Once the student is enrolled, you can proceed to the next step.

6. Click the plus sign to assign the student to your class.

7. Once added, you'll see a checkmark.

8. Repeat the same process until all students are added to your classroom.

You're all set! 😊

If you accidentally added the wrong student, do not fret, you can remove them from the classroom by following the steps here.


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