What is a Student Attribute?

Instructions on how to add/set attributes to student profiles manually.

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Student Attributes serve as descriptive labels that can be assigned to student profiles within SchoolStatus Connect. These labels allow educators and school staff to maintain organized information regarding various aspects of the student profiles. The purpose of Student Attributes is to provide a centralized location where essential details such as demographics, educational requirements, and operational information such as bus routes, and other after-school activities can be stored.

For a school staff member, Student Attributes offers various benefits and opportunities. One use case is the ability to utilize these attributes when sending Announcements to specific groups of families. By using the Student Attributes associated with student profiles, school staff can easily filter and target specific subgroups of students or families for communication purposes. For example, if an Announcement is relevant only to students who are athletes, school staff can select the corresponding attribute to ensure that the Announcement reaches the intended recipients.

Sample Student Attribute below.

With Student Attributes, Schools and Districts can create personalized learning experiences, ensure student safety, and communicate effectively with specific groups of families.

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