How to Troubleshoot: Sync Status Failed: Threshold?
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If the sync fails due to a deletion threshold, it means that it tries to archive more records than it is allowed.

There are several reasons for this behavior:

A lot of changes in the school’s data

It is a common case during the back-to-school period. In most cases, setting the Deletion Threshold to 50%-60% resolves the issue. If it does not, please double-check other possible reasons for the Deletion Threshold sync error.

ClassTag recommends keeping the deletion threshold at lower levels (10%-20%) during the school year.

To update the Deletion Threshold, follow the steps below.

1. Click the Hamburger menu.

2. Go to the School or District page.

3. Go to Settings by clicking the ellipses on the District header.

4. Click SIS Rostering.

5. Click the Daily Sync.

6. Update the threshold.

7. Click Save.

Issues with the data in CSV files

If the sync cannot properly recognize the data in CSV files, it may try to remove all previously imported records. Usually, the sync cannot recognize the data because of the following issues:

  • Invisible special characters in file headers

  • Typos in file headers

  • Wrong file encoding

We recommend double-checking file headers to exclude reasons 1 and 2 from above. You may retype the headers manually to make sure there are no typos or other special characters in them. If it doesn’t help please contact us at

Missing school IDs

If the school IDs on ClassTag are different from school IDs in the CSV files, it may lead to the failed sync with the Threshold reason.

In this case, sync report statuses show Success, but the files only include headers and no real data.

To eliminate this issue, please open your files in a text editor, check school IDs and make sure that they are the same as the school IDs on ClassTag. It may happen that school IDs in your files start with 0. If that’s the case, make sure school IDs on ClassTag start with 0 as well.


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