ClassTag lets you send automatic messages to individual families based on data from your student information system, saving you time and making sure they go out accurately and on time. ClassTag's automated announcements are great for attendance notices, truancy, honor roll, lunch balance, overdue books and anything else you want.

There are three steps to set up automated announcements:

  1. Create an Announcement Template

  2. Ask your CSM to set up an Automation

  3. Send an Audience File to ClassTag

You can set up as many Automated Announcements as you like.

1. Create an Announcement Template

Go to the Create Announcement page, click on Templates, and create a new Personal template. This is the message that will send with your automated announcement. You will need to remember this name for Step 2.

2. Set up an Automation

Contact ClassTag support at to set up an automation. Let them know the name of the template you created in Step 1. Also, please provide the name of the file you intend to use for the audience file. Your CSM can remind you of the SFTP folder and credentials where you will send this file.

3. Send an Audience File

Every time you send an audience file to the SFTP folder, the message will send within 5 minutes to the recipients included in the file. Please remember to use the file name associated with the automation every time.

Audience File Format

Make sure the student ID is the first column and the column title is studentSISId. Please see the sample format below, and remember to name the file exactly as you determined in Step 2.

NOTE: The file name MUST always be the same as the name you sent ClassTag initially and the column's first row MUST have studentSisId.

Upload via SFTP

1. Go to the SFTP site provided to you during the initial setup.

2. Open your designated folder.

3. Upload the file.

The file will disappear from the folder as soon as it is processed.


Please note that:

  • The Audience File does not accept any additional fields

  • The announcement template does not support attribute/merge fields


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