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How do I use Announcement Templates?
How do I use Announcement Templates?
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When it comes to sending announcements, school staff have the option to use either Personal or Global (public) templates. Let's delve into what these templates entail:Β 

Personal templates are designed for individual staff members to use when sending Announcements to specific recipients or groups. These templates can be customized according to the sender's preferences and can include personalized content. For instance, a teacher might have a personal template for sending weekly updates to parents, which includes sections for academic progress, upcoming events, and any important reminders specific to their class. Personal templates provide flexibility and allow staff members to tailor their messages to the intended audience.

Global templates, on the other hand, are standardized templates that are used by multiple staff members across the school. These templates typically contain essential information or announcements that need to be shared with the entire school community.

You can create your template by following the instructions from this article.

Follow the instructions below on how to use an Announcement Template.

1. Click the orange Plus button.

2. Click Announcement.

3. Click the Templates icon.

4. Select the template you want to use.

Personal - Announcement Templates you personally created.

Global - Pre-loaded Announcement Templates accessible to all users.

5. Click Next.

6. Click Confirm.

7. Edit the Announcement dates, location, etc., if necessary.

8. Click Send, Send Later, or Preview.

You're all set! The Announcement is sent! 😊

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