How do I manually upload files via SFTP?
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ClassTag Connect users have access to features that perform data exchange via SFTP.

This feature uses a customer folder created on a file management platform.

In most cases, a Student Information System (SIS) is set up by a district or school tech director to push the necessary files to the folder directly and automatically without any manual interferences. Sometimes, it is necessary to do a file upload manually - e.g. if SIS doesn't support automated export.

This article explains how to use WinSCP for Windows to upload files to a file management platform for ClassTag via SFTP.


This section will describe how to install and use WinSCP for Windows. Please feel free to skip the installation section if you have WinSCP installed already or know how to do it.

WinSCP Installation

  1. Please go to the official WinSCP website and download the current WinSCP version.

  2. Once the setup file is downloaded, please open it and install the WinSCP. During installation, feel free to apply suggested settings, or adjust them if necessary.

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Installation Step 1

Installation Step 2

Installation Step 3

Installation Step 4

Installation Step 5

Managing Files via WinSCP

  1. Once WinSCP is open, you'll see a screen waiting for you to provide login details. Please use the details below:

    1. Host name:

    2. Port number: 22

    3. User name: please type in the username provided to you by your Customer Success Manager

    4. Password: please type in the password provided to you by your Customer Success Manager

  2. Click Login.

  3. If you get a warning about connecting to an unknown server, please click Yes to confirm the connection.

  4. Once connected, you'll see a window showing the current contents of your folder. If you chose Commander Interface Style on installation step 3, your window will look like in the image below. The folder for ClassTag files is on the right.

  5. To upload files to ClassTag folder, you can locate them on your computer in the left part of the window, select, right-click on them, and then click Copy.

  6. Then right-click inside the ClassTag folder in the right part of the window, and click Paste. You'll get an Upload window, click OK to confirm the action.

  7. Once the files are copied successfully, you'll see them on the right. Now they're uploaded and can be used. Please feel free to open ClassTag and launch the SIS sync or any other process that requires the files you've uploaded.

WinSCP Notes

  • You may save your login details on WinSCP Login screen to make the login process faster.

Using a Batch File With WinSCP

In case you use a batch file to send CSVs via SFTP but it fails, we recommend following the next steps:

  • try to run the batch file manually from a command prompt and look for errors

  • if the connection cannot be established, please try replacing cx60c7y9/ in the SFTP login with cx60c7y9%2F

General Notes

  • If you upload a new version of a file, please make sure you overwrite the file.


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