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How do I customize the layout of my Announcements?
How do I customize the layout of my Announcements?
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School Staff can use the Newsletter Builder to create a custom layout for Announcements.

This feature allows school staff to enhance the Announcements by customizing the graphics, texts, colors, and overall configuration to match the School's brand.

There are almost limitless ways to customize your Announcements now. To access the Newsletter Builder, follow these steps:

1. Click the orange plus icon.

2. Click Announcement.

3. Click Try Block Editor.

Below is a summary of the Newsletter Builder's features.

Cover Image

By default, the Newsletter Builder's layout looks like the sample above but you can edit it the way you want to. You can upload an image as a cover that will show on the Announcement or delete the section and start right with the Heading.


Not the actual Announcement title but it can be the same as that. You can use the Header section to highlight the Announcement or put a phrase to catch the recipients' attention.


You can insert more texts, images, and buttons into the Announcement body. You can be creative in many ways by dividing the details of the Announcement into sections and columns. You can add clickable buttons to redirect the readers to another Classtag location or external websites where more information can be found.

Content Editor

Add more sections to your Announcement by dragging and dropping contents from the side Content Editor. You can add more columns, images, headers, dividers, and clickable buttons anywhere in the first three sections.

The Body section of the editor allows you to change the font, font colors, background colors, and many more.

The Images section provides millions of licensed images to use for your Announcements. Search by a keyword or scroll down to the available options and drag the photo to the image section of your Newsletter Builder.

Note: Images are powered by Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay. All images are licensed under Creative Commons Zero.


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