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Classtag Roles and Custom Permissions
Classtag Roles and Custom Permissions
School staff roles and customized access to School-wide settings and functions.
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Classtag allows School staff to set their roles at the School. Classtag Connect School Leaders and school staff with Permissions and Rostering Admin access can customize what all other staff can access within the Classtag School Settings.

This article includes the following:

Below is the list of Roles that can be selected for a School staff. There are two layers when selecting a role; the Category and the Title.




  1. Teacher

  2. Paraprofessional

  3. Specialty Teacher

  4. Special Education Teacher

Instructional Support

  1. Instructional Coach

  2. Library or Media Specialist

  3. Program Coordinator

  4. Homeschool Liason

  5. Family Services

Special Services

  1. SPED Techs and Therapists

  2. Special Programs


  1. Content Area Specialists

  2. Guidance

  3. School Leadership

Support Staff

  1. Secretary

  2. Custodians

  3. Food Service

  4. Clinic

  5. IT

  6. PTA

How do I set my own Job Title?

1. Click the Hamburger menu.

2. Go to Account Settings.

3. Click Schools & Classes.

4. Click the ellipses next to the School's name.

5. Click Select Job Title.

6. Find the title that fits your role in the School and click Save.

How do I set others' Job Titles and customize their permissions?

You need to be a School Staff with Rostering Administrator access to edit other users' job titles and with Permission Admin access to set user's Custom Permissions. If you meet that requirement, follow the steps below.

1. Go to the School's Directory.

2. Search for the school staff's name and click it.

3. Click the School.

4. Select the user's job title and set their Custom Permissions.

5. Click Save.

Custom Permissions

This feature gives District and School administrators the ability to grant school staff granular custom permissions. Below is the list of all available permissions admins can give their staff.

Permission Title

Access Details

Permissions Admin

Ability to update staff members' Custom Permissions.

School-Wide Communications

Rostering Administrator

Can manage Schoolwide Directory; enroll new students, add staff, assign students and staff to classrooms, manage guardians, and set staff's job titles.

Content Moderator

View and manage flagged content for moderation.

Users Manager

Update active student, staff, and guardian accounts.

Family Access

Access to Schoolwide Directories and the ability to view and contact students and families.

Note: A Permission Admin cannot remove their own permissions set.

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