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How does the Directory Filter work?
How does the Directory Filter work?
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Searching for a particular student or family in the extensive directories of Districts and Schools can be a daunting task due to the large number of individuals involved. Nonetheless, applying Filters can simplify the process of searching through the directories manually and enable you to easily send Announcements, update student profiles, and perform other tasks.

Use the Filters by following the steps below.

1. Go to the District or School Directory.

2. Click Filter.

3. Check the criteria you want to be shown in the search results. You can filter by the criteria listed below.


Student/family status on Classtag

Student status on Classtag. Shows whether the student is active or archived.

Communication method status

Reachable status of the email address or mobile number.

External Sources

Sources of the student and parent data: Clever, Classlink, OneRoster, or Google Classroom.

Grade Level

Student's grade level.

Note: In some cases, the student's grade level may be different from the classroom they are assigned to.

Student Attributes

Student attributes applied to the student profile.

Student Account Status

Whether the student account for student communication is on, inactive, or off.

Note: For student attributes, you can toggle the Use "and" condition button to match (Off) ANY of the attributes or match (On) ALL of the attributes selected.

4. Click Show or Reset to start over.

5. Now, you can proceed with what you need to do with the filtered group of students; send an Announcement, update the Student Attributes, archive them, assign them to class, etc.

Contact our amazing Support team at if you have any questions! 😊

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