What is a ClassTag Adviser?

ClassTag Advisers are active ClassTag Leaders nominated by the ClassTag team, who oversee their whole school’s growth and community using ClassTag.  Advisers serve as partners with the ClassTag team and are provided with all necessary resources to be successful. They extend ClassTag to other teachers in their schools and communities and share helpful feedback with us.

There is one ClassTag Adviser at each school selected for the school year, with the following responsibilities:

  • Present ClassTag to school community
  • Onboard all teachers and staff in their school to use ClassTag
  • Manage staff directory and end of year / beginning of the year classrooms set up 
  • Support other teachers and administrators in their school to advise on the best way to use ClassTag, update on new features, tips and tricks
  • Participate in ClassTag trainings or periodic webinars to stay up-to-date with new releases
  • Share ClassTag with local / regional communities and present at conferences

What can an Adviser control on their ClassTag Account?

ClassTag Advisers have the power to manage their School as ClassTag Leader and get special perks and resources for being an Adviser. From the School page, they can verify teachers, send out communication to one classroom or multiple classrooms and oversee individual classrooms and track all parent and teacher engagement. Additionally, they can add additional ClassTag Leaders. 

All individual communications between parents and teachers are private and are not visible to the Advisor or to any ClassTag leaders and can be accessed via parent log download only when needed. 

What are the perks of being an Adviser?

We have lots of great perks in store for our amazing advisory team. Please look out for the contests, special perks in Advisers Facebook group and via email. 

Additionally, you are invited to use your Adviser title and badge proudly across social media and will receive early access to new features and opportunity for product feedback, direct line to advisers@classtag.com and resources once you have been selected.

How do Advisers get resources and stay connected?

All ClassTag Advisers are invited to join the ClassTag Advisers group on Facebook.  In this community, Advisers will be able to network with the ClassTag team as well as other Advisers from around the world to share best practices and learn the most up to date ClassTag releases.  

The ClassTag team wants to make sure you are set up for success! We have videos, powerpoints, and a lot more resources once you join the group on Facebook.  If there are additional resources that are needed, please email your special support line at advisers@classtag.com or comment in the group.

How do Advisers get selected?

At this time ClassTag team is making nominations of one most active and successful teacher or school leader per school based on the prior school year results. Adviser title is given for a specific school year and will be re-evaluated every summer. If you would like to be considered for this opportunity, please send us a note at advisers@classtag.com

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