There are three main ways you can invite parents to ClassTag: 

  1. enter manually their emails or phone numbers 
  2. cut and paste student names and parent emails, or 
  3. print flyers with individual parent signup codes to join. 

First, here is a video to help you navigate the Directory page.

Please note!

You might need to use a combination of these methods to get 100% of parents connected. 

You can also refer to this video on how to invite add a student list and invite parents on ClassTag.


How you choose to invite parents to ClassTag depends on whether or not you have good email addresses or mobile numbers available to you. If you have updated contact information for many parents, then inviting them via email or SMS is a great idea because they will start receiving your communications right away even before the join your class on ClassTag. 

If you send out the invitations before any parent meeting or back-to-school night, you can then give out flyers to parents who haven't joined yet or send flyers with students home and use a bit of time during that upcoming meeting to get parents excited. 

No matter the method you use, the very first thing you need to do is to create a list of your students on ClassTag. We think it is important to have all information in the directory and in all the signups neatly organized by family, thus we do not have an option of generic class code that parents can use for sign up. 


If you have the parents’ email addresses or mobile numbers, you can add this information in your Directory so that the system will send a notification to parents to join your class on ClassTag.  If you have both email and mobile number for a parent, you can decide to include only one contact or both. Once you provide an email address, you will see an option to add a mobile number for that same parent or vice versa. Keep in mind that when you include both contacts, the default communication channel will be email. 

Please note!  

Parents' emails and phone numbers will only be visible to you, but not to other parents. Once parents join ClassTag, they can select to make their contact information visible to other parents or not! Giving you peace of mind and putting parents in control of their own privacy.:)

OPTION 1: Enter Student Names And Parent Emails or Phone Numbers Manually

1. On the Directory tab, click the “+ Add a Student” icon to add a student.

2. Enter the student’s name and then click “Enter”

3. Click the “+” icon beside the student’s name to enter the parent’s details

4. Enter either the parent’s email address or mobile number then click on the “Save” button.

5. To add another student, click the “+ Add a Student” icon again and follow the steps 2, 3 and 4 above.

6. Click “Done” once you’ve added all the students

OPTION 2: Cut And Paste Student Names and Parent Emails from a Spreadsheet

1. On the directory tab, click on the “Copy from a spreadsheet” button.

2. It will open a table with multiple rows and columns. 

3. Copy the data from your spreadsheet and paste it on the page, and then click on “Import”.

4. Click “Done”.


If you don’t have the parents’ email addresses or mobile numbers or if you have incomplete parent’s information of your class, you can still ask them to join ClassTag by using the Flyers. This might be the last flyer you will have to print! :) 

ClassTag is designed to help you go paperless and save a lot of time with amazing automation of follow ups and reminders, but all this magic works if parents are invited and join. Flyers have individual code for each family and can be sent home with your students or distributed at one of the meetings.  Using a computer, please follow these steps:

1. On the directory tab, click on the “Copy from a spreadsheet” button.

2. It will open a table with multiple rows and columns. 

3. Copy the data from your spreadsheet and paste it on the page. Click “Import”.

4. Click “Print Parent Signup Codes”.

5. Finally, click the “Print” button. It will open another window that you can print out or save as a pdf file. 

6. Provide a copy to each student (make sure you give the flyer to the correct student) and ask them to give it to their parents or guardians.

Once parents have the flyers, they need to go to and enter the code they received from you. If they have more than one child in the class, please have parents repeat this step twice.  In case the parent asks for the code, here’s a handy video that you can provide.

If you need any help, please feel free to reach out to our Support team by clicking the live chat button on the lower right side or sending an email to


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