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How can I create an Announcement?
How can I send an Announcement to select Families in my Classroom?
How do I organize activities on SchoolStatus Connect?
How can I organize a Parent-Teacher Conference?
Can I schedule a time for Announcements to be made?
How can I reuse an Announcement I sent in the past?
How Do I Archive Messages on SchoolStatus Connect?
How do I rename Group Conversations?
How do I stop receiving messages sent to a Conversation?
How do I inform parents about an activity I created?
How do I track activities/events on SchoolStatus Connect?
Can I assign parents to timeslots or requests?
Can I create multiple announcements at the same time, but have them sent at different dates/times and attach a Google Document to it?
How can I embed a video on SchoolStatus Connect?
How can I add a Google Meet link when I send an Activity?
How can I share a link to a page that parents can visit?
How can I upload and share videos with my class?
How can I share a Google document in my SchoolStatus Connect classroom?
How do I upload a document to SchoolStatus Connect?
How can I check all the upcoming Activities for my class?
How do I print communications?
Can I assign or unassign parents to Parent-Teacher Conference time slots?
How do I recall or delete an Announcement?
Who can see my Parent-Teacher Conference schedule?
Can I assign parents to a volunteer request?
Can I set up events without a set time?
Can I assign parents to bring an item to an event?
What is the Weekly Summary, and how can I personalize it?