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How do I track activities/events on SchoolStatus Connect?
How do I track activities/events on SchoolStatus Connect?

Information on tracking activities sent to parents

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When you create an event, you need to be able to track the relevant information about it easily. SchoolStatus Connect has you covered. One of the best things about the SchoolStatus Connect platform is that you are always in control and have complete visibility of everything that is going on. We deliver this information when and where you need it in an intuitive format on the Home page, Activities page, and Stats page. 

Our platform collects and analyzes information across different sections of your class and draws your attention to the events that are not fully and properly addressed by parents.


On your homepage, you will see a section indicating upcoming activities and any activities/events that require your attention:

If you announced your event, you will be able to see the number of parents who have already seen your announcement on the Home page.

Clicking on “Seen By” will show you the list of parents who have or have not seen your announcement.


On the Activities page, you will see how many parents have RSVP'ed that they are attending the event, how many are attending your Parent-Teacher conference, how many are bringing the items you’ve requested, and how many saw the activity when you announced it. 

Volunteer Request

Event with RSVP and Items Requested

The Activities page is where you can see all the details of each activity in one location.

(a) You always know what still needs to be done and what is already completed or claimed by class parents.

(b) To see which families have and have not seen the details of an event, click on the link on the lower left of the Activities item which says how many families have and have not seen the event. 

(c) To see who has responded to item and volunteer requests for a specific event, click on "Show more" (represented by an inverted "v") next to any related requests for that event.  

(d) When viewing related requests, you can assign someone to a task by clicking on the plus in the circle for the available slot and selecting "Assign someone else", then selecting the available person from the list of those who haven't signed up.

(e) For events with an RSVP, click on the link on the lower left of the Activities item to see a list of who has RSVP'ed.  

Activities are not limited to the SchoolStatus Connect platform only. Everyone in the class can sync activities from SchoolStatus Connect with your other calendars. Add important activities there by clicking "Add to calendar" on the ellipsis next to the activity itself and they will appear in your Google account, Apple iCal, or Microsoft Outlook.


The Stats page gives you a view of your parental engagement at a glance. 

  • Are parents reading what you have to say? 

  • How are they participating? 

  • Are you getting more volunteers than you need?  

  • Do you want or need to invite parents who haven't had a chance to volunteer? 

Check the stats page and find out how many times each family has volunteered. This tab is automatically updated with each activity and is good to take a look at regularly to ensure no families are falling behind in information. You can also see the RSVP history for families and should you need to do so, you may click "Take Action" next to the family to email any parent or caregiver.


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