When you "Graduate" or "Archive" a class, it will be hidden both from you and the parents. Graduated classrooms can only be accessed by going into your Account Settings or the class' direct link.

This article will discuss the common reason why a Graduated/Archived Classroom is still coming up when you log in to your ClassTag Account.


If you previously bookmarked your class and are still using the same link, it will always go to that Class even when it's already graduated or archived.

How to fix it?

Edit or remove the bookmark you are currently using. We recommend that you use https://classtag.com instead. This link will always bring you to the last School or Class page you were on before closing ClassTag.

If you want to continue using a direct link to your class, it's okay. Simply edit the bookmark to have the updated class link.

How do I edit or remove my bookmarks?

Below is a list of Support Articles from the most used internet browsers on how to edit bookmarks.

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge



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