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What does the exclamation point mean in SchoolStatus Connect?
What does the exclamation point mean in SchoolStatus Connect?

Exclamation point errors and how to fix them

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If you see an exclamation point in your directory, it means that a parent's contact information is unreachable.

Unreachable means they are no longer receiving Email or SMS notifications from SchoolStatus Connect because of several possible reasons:

  • The parent has ignored our email and SMS notifications for a long time. The system will stop sending notifications if there is no engagement from the users after a time.

  • They marked our email notifications as spam/junk.

  • Their email or SMS inbox is full.

  • The phone number is not a mobile number.

  • The email address or phone number is incorrect or doesn't exist.

Please note that an Unreachable parent/guardian only has issues with notifications via Email and SMS. If they are still logged in to the account, they will still see your Announcements and messages.

To correct unreachable users, please follow the steps below.

The email address is valid but is no longer receiving email notifications

  • Instruct the parent to search for an old email from SchoolStatus Connect and click any link from it. The system will then detect that their email address is still active and will start receiving notifications again.

The email or SMS inbox is full

  • Advise the parent to clear their inbox to make sure they still receive new emails from SchoolStatus Connect.

The phone number is not mobile

  • Instruct the parent to update their mobile number and enter the home phone number in the correct field. You can send the instructions from this article.

The email address or mobile number is incorrect

  • Update their contact information from the Class Directory. Please note that you can only do this if they have not signed up yet. If they already signed up but with an incorrect credential, have them follow the instructions from the same article from the previous item or contact

Ultimately, if the parent/guardian has a specific preference for notifications, please let them know that they can set it the way they want to by following the instructions from this article.


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