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How can I create a folder to organize the files I’m sending to my class?
How can I create a folder to organize the files I’m sending to my class?
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Folders make it easier for School staff to organize the files they send to parents.

This article includes instructions on how to do the following.

Create a Folder

1. Go to the Library tab.

2. Click Create New Folder.

3. Type the Folder's name and add a description (optional).

4. Click Create.

Upload files to the Folder

1. After you create the folder, click on it and start adding the files by clicking click here and choosing the file from your computer or mobile device. You can drag and drop files if you're on a computer.

2. Once the files are uploaded, click Save.

3. The files will then be moved to the bottom section of the page.

Rename or delete the Folder

If there is a need to rename or remove the folder, click the three dots on the right side of the folder. Then, Edit or Remove.


Removing the folder will delete all the files from that folder.

Create Folders in students' backpacks

The same functionality is available in each student’s Backpack. To add a folder, click the “Backpacks” tab of the Library then click the specific student’s backpack.

After you open the student’s backpack, the option to create a folder will show up.

Note: Creating folders in the Activities tab is not available.

All set! 🙌

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