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How can I collaborate with other teachers in SchoolStatus Connect?
How can I collaborate with other teachers in SchoolStatus Connect?

Collaborating with other teachers in SchoolStatus Connect.

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SchoolStatus Connect makes it easy to add and collaborate with other teachers. If you share the same students and work in the same class, you can add additional teachers by going to the Directory tab. This allows these teachers to have the same functions as you. They can share announcements with the class, participate in the classroom’s weekly newsletters automatically, message parents directly, organize classroom activities, add students and parents, edit the directory, and add other teachers, too.

To add a co-teacher to your class, please follow these steps:

1. Log in to your SchoolStatus Connect account.

2. Click the drop-down on the upper left side.

3. Choose the correct class.

4. Go to the "Directory" tab and click the "Teachers" tab. Click the icon on the right side of "Teachers".

You can click the green "Invite Staff" button or click "Add Staff" from the options.

5. Type in your co-teacher’s email address then click “Add”.

6. Your co-teacher will receive an email notification similar to below with a button that he/she needs to click on to join your class.

Please note that your co-teacher will have the same access as you. This includes changing your class settings, adding/editing/removing your students/parents, posting Announcements and Activities, editing your Weekly Summary, and sending messages to the parents.


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