Parents can be invited to join a class on Classtag with a unique Student Code. This article will provide instructions on how to use it if parents/guardians ever receive or need one.

If you are a teacher looking for the Student Codes to give to parents, please click here.

Example of a printed invite:

Follow the instructions and go to

Enter the code from the flyer and click Continue.

Parents/guardians will also be asked for the student code when they sign up manually. After selecting Parent from the signup page, enter the code and continue the sign-up process.

Please note that if a parent accepts an invite from the email or SMS invitation, they will not be asked for a code. Using the link from these invites automatically connects the parent/guardian to the classroom.

If parents experience any issues with their invites, please advise them to reach out to and we will be happy to assist! 😊


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