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How can I send an Announcement to select Families in my Classroom?
How can I send an Announcement to select Families in my Classroom?
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Teachers always had the option to send an Announcement to the whole class or a Story to a single family. ClassTag now allows teachers to send Announcements to multiple families from their class directory. This can be used for updates applicable only to select students such as academic camps, after-school programs, assignments, attendance, group photos, and behavior supports.

To send this type of Announcement, please follow the instructions below.

1. Go to your classroom.

2. Click “Directory.”

3. Select the students by putting a check next to their names.

4. Go back to the top and click “Actions.”

5. Click “Announce.”

6. Click “Announce” after confirming that you selected the correct number of students/families.

7. Fill out the Announcement form. You can use almost all functions as a regular Announcement such as scheduling it for a later time and attaching files and videos. Robo-calling, social sharing, and student broadcast are not supported at the moment.

8. Click “Preview.”

9. You can see the preview of the email and SMS message the parents will receive.

10. Click “Send.”

It's all set! The Announcement will appear on your classroom page like a regular classroom Announcement but will only be visible to the families you selected initially.


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