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Where on ClassTag can I see the updates that I post on my Google classroom?
Where on ClassTag can I see the updates that I post on my Google classroom?
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ClassTag has launched a new feature that will make it easy for teachers to post the content of their Google Classroom in their class on ClassTag. With ClassTag’s partnership with Google Classroom, we have launched what we call “Google Classroom Parent Portal” that automatically syncs the content posted on Google Classroom to ClassTag for parents to view.

This feature will make it so much easier for the parents to communicate with the teachers via ClassTag Messaging and still have visibility of everything their children need from Google Classroom without switching from one platform to another.

ClassTag Google Classroom Parent Portal

Google Classroom

Content Shared



Messages that teachers sent to classroom



Assignments, Quizzes, etc.



(Materials section is nested in "Classwork" tab)

Google docs, pdf files, or any materials that the students need

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to update the permission to allow the integration of your Google Classroom feed to ClassTag. Just go to your ClassTag Library and click any of your students’ backpack. The authorization window will pop-up. Just click “Update” and allow all permissions needed. Please see the photos below.

How to access the Google Classroom Parent Portal

1. Click “Library” from your class.

2. Click “Backpacks”.

3. Click the student’s name.

4.Click “Google Classroom”.

Here are some screenshots of what is being shown on Google Classroom and what will show on Google Classroom Parent Portal on ClassTag.


Stream (Google Classroom)

Posts (Google Classroom Parent Portal)


Google Classroom

Google Classroom Parent Portal on ClassTag

Includes the following:

  • Title

  • Status: "Created", "Assigned" (if the classwork is assigned to just one or a few students), "Graded", "Turned In", and "Overdue"

  • Due Date

  • Grade (if it exists)


Google Classroom (nested under "Classwork" tab)

Google Classroom Parent Portal on ClassTag


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