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How do I assign my classroom to a school?
How do I assign my classroom to a school?

Step-by-step instructions on how assign a class to a school

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When you add a class on SchoolStatus Connect, we recommend associating it with your school. This will provide parents with more information about your class. You can do this by following these easy steps:

1. Log in on CSchoolStatus Connect, click the three horizontal lines on the upper left side, and choose the correct class.

2. At the top of your class Home page, you’ll see your class’ name and a link below that says “Join Your School”. Please click on the link:

3. Search for your school’s name by typing either the name or the city’s zip code. 

Once you’ve found your school, click "Join School".

If you’re not able to find your school on SchoolStatus Connect, it means it isn’t listed on our database yet. While we attempt to have all schools in the United States listed, we are missing some of them. Please send us a message via the live chat tool (located at the bottom right side when you’re logged in on SchoolStatus Connect) or send an email to Please provide us with your school name and complete address, including the city/state and zip code and we will add it to our database right away!

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SchoolStatus Connect is not just for US Schools!  We have plenty of users in other English-speaking countries. We just don't have a list of schools outside of the US yet, but we can add schools to the database as we grow.


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