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Can I schedule a time for Announcements to be made?
Can I schedule a time for Announcements to be made?

Setting announcements to be sent at a later time

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Please first check this video showing you how to create an announcement.

We know that as busy teachers, sometimes you do not get a chance to log into SchoolStatus Connect until after hours or on weekends, times when you'd rather not send a bunch of notifications to parents' phones or inboxes. 

SchoolStatus Connect provides an option to send an announcement at a later time. If you are not ready to send the announcement, you will see the “Send Later” button that you can click on to add the date and time you would like the system to send the announcement to the parents.

After you pick the date, click the “Preview” button to go to the next page.

You may also click "Preview" to see how the email or SMS will look like when the parents receive it. The screenshot below is a sample email. Click “Send” to continue or click “Back” if you’d like to edit the content.

The Announcement should now be on your Home page. If you would like to edit it, click on the ellipsis and click “Edit”.

It will give you the page where you can edit its contents.

If you need to delete the announcement you will be able to do so by clicking the ellipsis on the Home page Announcement.


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