We understand the need of having a record of all conversations you’ve had with the parent. 

Maybe you need to print the conversation and attach it in your school records, or you want to provide a copy of this conversation to your school head, or you simply want to have it on paper. No problem! ClassTag provides you an option to download or export these conversations in an Excel or .csv file so you can print it. 

Please follow these steps:

1. Log in on ClassTag.

2. Click the conversation icon on the upper left side.

3. Look for the conversation you have with a parent that you want to export and click on it.

4. Click on that avatar icon next to your name. 

5. It will show a section with the details of the conversation. Click “Export”.

6. A message will be shown on the upper part to inform you that the system has sent you an email with the link to export the message.

7. The email looks something like below. Click “Download” to download the conversation.

8. It will open a .csv file with Sender’s name (yours and the parent’s), Created At (date when the message was sent) and the Message.


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