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How do I change the default language in SchoolStatus Connect?
How do I change the default language in SchoolStatus Connect?

Step-by-step instructions for changing the preferred language of your account or the preferred language of a parent in your class.

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SchoolStatus Connect offers automatic translation of the English language to 100+ languages. This is very helpful for parents and teachers to communicate easily via SchoolStatus Connect.

You can easily set the language by following these steps:

Change the language when accepting invitations

When the parents click on the link in the email or SMS, they will be asked to join their child’s class and create an account on SchoolStatus Connect. Parents can change the language to what they prefer to use when they fill out their profiles.

Change language at any time in "Account Settings"

After the parent has created an account, the language preference can always be changed via their “Account Settings”.

1. Click the drop-down arrow on the top-right

2. Click the gear icon.

3. Click “Account Settings.”

4. Click “Language.”

5. Select the Language from the dropdown menu.

NOTE: SchoolStatus Connect uses Google Translate to provide an automatic translation service. The automatic translation may miss colloquialisms or other language nuances and may not be 100% accurate.

If you encounter any problems, please send an email to and our team will be glad to help you change your language preference.


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