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How do I customize and manage my account?
How do I customize and manage my account?

Tips, guidelines and step-by-step instructions for customizing and managing your account.

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You have full control of your account on SchoolStatus Connect and are free to customize it based on your preferences.

Below are the steps on how to get to the Account Settings page and an explanation of each section.

1. Click the drop-down arrow on the top-right

2. Click the gear icon.

The new Account Settings page is divided into four sections.

My Profile

This is where you can change your name, photo, email, phone number, shipping address, and subscriptions such as ClassTag+ for teachers and ClassTag Supporter for parents.

Account Settings (General Settings)


Your profile photo. The same photo that will appear when you comment and send private messages to other users.

First Name

Your first name

Last Name

Your last name

Email Address

Your email address (optional if you already have a mobile number added)

Mobile Phone

Your Mobile phone number (optional if you already have an email added)

Home Phone

Your home phone number (optional)


Your Language. This also affects the translation of your messages and announcements to teachers and parents in your class. If their set Language is different than yours, it will automatically be translated to their set Language.

Allow others to see my contact information

If you want your email address or phone number visible to parents or other parents in your class.

Reload all data

Change your password

Where you change your account password

Deactivate your account

To Delete your account


This is where to find one-time and recurring subscriptions.


The section where you can edit your Communication Preferences, Office Hours, and ClassTag Support Messenger on the app.

Communication Preferences

Everything is on by default. You can turn off the setting of each by clicking the green switch if you do not want to receive a certain type of notification. Please see below what each setting means.

Notification Method

Your preferred notification medium: Email, SMS, Push Notification, or None

Announcement and Child Stories

Notifications when a new Announcement or Child Story is posted on a Classroom you belong to


When other users comment on an Announcement or Child Story

  • Only Followed - you will be notified of comments for Announcements and Child Stories that you are following

  • All Comments - you will be notified for every comment made on Announcements shared in a classroom that you belong to and Child Stories shared with you


When parents and other teachers reach out using the private messaging feature

Weekly Digest

Notifications about weekly summaries

Daily Digest

Notifications about daily summaries

  • Only Commitments - PTCs, Volunteer Requests, and other events you signed up to.

  • Everything - summary of everything posted for that day

Event Notifications

New sign-ups and changes to PTCs, Volunteer Requests, and Other Events commitments.

Event Reminders

Notifications about upcoming PTCs, Volunteer Requests, and Other Events you committed to.


Notification about new contributions to your Classroom Funds

Notification Center

Notification that appears on the bell icon near on the upper left side, just on the left side of the purple messaging icon

Parents can address me

Restrictions on whether you allow parents from other classrooms to send you a private message

Office Hours

You can set specific hours and days when notifications are sent to you.

1. Turn on the Office Hours switch.

2. Select the days you want to receive notifications by clicking the dropdown menu.

3. Update the Start and End times.

4. If you want to set different Start and End times for a specific day, click Add A Day.

5. Repeat steps 2 and 3.

6. If a new day is conflicting with an already set time and day, you will see a warning.

7. Click the trash icon to delete it.

8. Once everything is set to your preference, click Save.

ClassTag Support Messenger

Turning this off removes the Support Chat bubble on your mobile app.

My Relationships

This is where you can see all Schools, Classrooms, and co-parents that you are linked to regardless of their status, active or archived.

Schools & Classes

Where you can see your current District and School Leadership, Active Classrooms, and Archived Classrooms.

You can click the ellipsis next to the District or School if you need to remove it from your account and then click Resign as a teacher/leader.

Clicking Join Another Class only works for parents with their child’s unique code. You can refer to this other article to know the next steps in joining a class using a code.

Clicking the ellipsis next to a classroom listed under Previous Classes lets you Unarchive that classroom.

My Family

Where you can see your child/ren and co-parents.

Inviting a co-parent

You can add/invite another guardian to be connected to your child and have visibility to all classrooms the child belongs to.

  1. Click your child's name and click the "add people" icon beside 'Guardians'

  2. Enter the co-parent's email address and select your co-parent’s preferred language.

  3. If you want to invite a co-parent using a phone number instead of email, click the dropdown and click Add via Phone.

  4. Enter the phone number.

  5. If you want to invite them with both credentials, enter both the email and the phone number.

  6. Click Add.

The co-parent will then appear on the list. If they already have an account, the user’s name will appear. If they have no account yet, the email address will show.


Social Sign-On

If you want to use Facebook, Google, ClassLink, or Clever logins to be used when logging in to ClassTag.

Google Services

Where you can connect your Google Drive, Calendar, YouTube, and Google Classroom and easily share files across pages on ClassTag.


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