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How can I use ClassTag for Schoolwide Announcements and Events?
How can I use ClassTag for Schoolwide Announcements and Events?

How ClassTag Leaders can use ClassTag for sending school-wide Announcements or Activities

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As a ClassTag School Leader, you can connect and manage all of your classrooms from your school page. You also can send school-wide Announcements or Activities (Events, Parent-Teacher Conferences, To-Do Items, and Volunteer requests).

You have two options here:

1. Leverage a free ClassTag plan that allows you to connect all classrooms, but monitor and communicate with up to 7 classrooms one at a time or multi-classroom where you are also a co-teacher.

2. Upgrade to ClassTag Connect, an integrated family engagement platform for schools and districts delivering all the benefits of the free forum and all of the enterprise additions including cascading communications at a classroom, school, and district level, actionable analytics, robocalling, custom branding, automated rostering and much more. Take a look at the comparison here.

Upgrading to ClassTag Connect

Please inquire about upgrading to ClassTag Connect by completing a short form.

Schoolwide Announcements and Events

As ClassTag's basic plan is created specifically for teachers, ClassTag Leaders will also need to be teachers in these classrooms and then can visit them and set up multi-classroom announcements and events. When visiting any of these classrooms you can send a multi-classroom Announcement using the steps below just from the classroom level.

Please note that you can connect as many classrooms as you need to your school to keep everything organized, but you will be able to create multi-classroom announcements and activities only in up to 7 of the classrooms.

Please follow these steps:

1. Click the Hamburger menu.

2. Click your School.

3. Click the plus key and click on Announcement or Event.

4. Enter the details of your Announcement. You can add a file or photo by dragging and dropping the file in the box below the Add File or Photo section.

5. Scroll down to view the list of all the classrooms and click Select All or Announce School-Wide.

6. Click the Send button on the upper right side to directly post the announcement.

  • Click the drop-down arrow to Preview or Send Later.

  • Clicking Preview will let you see your announcement in the Email or SMS view.

  • Clicking Send Later will let you send your announcement at a later time. You can find more information here.

That's it! 🙌

If you have questions, please reach out to our amazing Support team at

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