What is a ClassTag Adviser?

ClassTag Advisers are active ClassTag leaders nominated by the ClassTag team, who oversee their whole school’s growth and community using ClassTag.  Advisers serve as partners with the ClassTag team and are provided with all necessary resources to be successful. They extend ClassTag to other teachers in their schools and communities and share helpful feedback with us.


One Adviser from each school will:

  • Participate in a welcoming and encouraging community of Advisers from your state, in a ClassTag classroom
  • Attend 3-4 virtual meet-ups with your state's Certified Adviser over the course of May-October to learn about monthly contests, product updates and best practices
  • Take part in cohort-led contests to win prizes and coins to spend in Rewards
  • Present ClassTag to your school/district community
  • Onboard and support all teachers and staff in your school with ClassTag
  • Participate in ClassTag trainings or periodic webinars to stay up-to-date with new releases

What are the perks of being an Adviser?

We have lots of great perks in store for our amazing Advisers! Please look out for the contests, special perks, and more which will be announced during Adviser onboarding. 

Additionally, you are invited to use your Adviser title and badge proudly across social media and will receive early access to new features and opportunity for product feedback, direct line to danielle@classtag.com and resources once you have been selected.

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