Why am I seeing ads?
Information about ClassTag free plan and ClassTag Ad-free
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As a parent/guardian, you are seeing advertisements because you're currently using the free ClassTag plan. This plan gives you access to our complete parent-teacher communication solution, absolutely free. To keep ClassTag free, we established partnerships with respectable family-friendly brands that help fund free ClassTag licenses for millions. That way, we can remove the burden of paying for communication services from hard-working teachers.

How to remove ads

Enjoy an ad-free experience on ClassTag across all devices and emails by going Ad-free.

There are two plans available to you:

  • 3.99 per month - low monthly payment

  • 23.99 per year - one-time payment with 50% savings.

Your teacher, school, or district can also opt out of advertising here.

Our Impact

In addition to keeping ClassTag free, we've been able to support and empower educators to receive the support they deserve with our ClassTag Goods program.

Our teachers received more than $3MM in essential supplies, resources, and online software licenses delivered straight to our classrooms.

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