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School Guide: Kickstart Remote Learning
School Guide: Kickstart Remote Learning

School leaders: please review this to guide to learn more about transforming your brick and mortar school to remote-style education

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Schools are closing across the US, but ClassTag is here to help!  Check out the guide below to setup your school, get connected to families, get extra support from the ClassTag team and find additional resources that will help you transform your school into a virtual school.  We will assist you in meeting the demands of remote learning during school closings and ensure you can reach and engage every parent regardless of what device they use with relevant, timely and personalized communication.

Special support during school closings: 

  1. Call our hotline for rapid school support: 914-200-3569

  2. ClassTag is committed to setting up your whole school within 48 hours! Just let us know the details by filling out the form below and we will assist with setting up school staff and the classrooms. You can fill it out multiple times if needed to accommodate more classrooms. 

1. Set Up Your School

If you have already created an account with ClassTag, the next step is to become a leader and claim your school on  If you can't locate your school, your school is already claimed or you are looking to become a district leader on ClassTag, please send us a note to

2. Connect Your Staff

Now that you are connected to your school, you can add additional school Leaders and teachers. Once teachers are in the directory you have two options for setting up classes: 

  • Designate one teacher or school leader to create each classroom and add teachers

  • Teachers can create their own classrooms right from the school page

3. Add Student List and Parent Contacts

To add student roster and invite parents, a school leader or a teacher should go to the Directory tab. There are three ways parents can be invited to join ClassTag: 

  1. Copy & paste student names and parent emails from an Excel or Google sheet using our template

  2. Enter students and parents' emails or cell phone numbers manually

  3. Copy & paste or enter manually the student list and print flyers with codes for parents to join (this option will no longer be relevant if are schools closed)

PRO TIP: The moment parents' contact information is in ClassTag, they start receiving ALL communications. They can join to create their account right away by accepting the invitation or at a later time. The more you communicate the faster they join to get the best experience! We also recommend everyone download our app.  

4. Share Resources with Parents

You want to streamline communications and add resources in a visible place for parents to reference.  An easy way to share these resources is though a pinned announcement with all the resources for parents to reference throughout the year attached! Your pinned announcement will remain at the top of your Home page for easy access, and you can add/edit resources at any time or unpin it.

Helpful links to share with parents:

PRO TIP: Customize your classes on ClassTag with school and/or class branding to make your personality come through and keep brand consistency. Change your class cover photo and avatar as well as your profile picture and it will be reflected in various communications.

5.  Provide Learning Resources for Staff 

  1. Complete collection of resources, containing product demonstration and webinars, communication templates, feature comparisons, and best practices. 

Product Overview:  

Helpful resources:

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