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How do I edit or update Student Attributes?
How do I edit or update Student Attributes?
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There are two methods for updating Student Attributes: manual updates through the Directory or bulk updates using a CSV file. In this article, we will explore these two approaches in detail.

❗Important notes❗

  • CSV upload with student attributes can only work for students who have Student IDs from your SIS.

  • Student Attributes must exist in your school or district before you can update them for students. ELL, IEP, 504 plan and FRL exist by default. To create other attributes for your students, please contact

Update a single Student

1. Open the Directory.

2. Find and click a student.

3. Click Edit.

4. Make changes in the Student Attributes section.

6. Click Save.

Update multiple Students

1. Open the Directory.

2. Select the students you need to update. You may want to use filters to find the correct students faster.

3. Click Actions.

4. Click Update.

5. Choose a Student Attribute and the Option you want to be set for Students.

6. Click Update.

Update using a CSV File

1. Go to the School Settings.

2. Click SIS Rostering.

3. Click Upload next to Student Attributes.

Note: Make sure your file is ready before this step. Follow the instructions here and view the sample CSV file here.

4. Attach your CSV file and click Start Processing.

5. Wait until the upload completes (it may take several minutes depending on the amount of data you're uploading).

Once the file is processed, you're all set! 🙌

CSV file uploading can also be automated in case you want to update student attributes daily. Please read this article to learn how.

If you have questions or if you experience any problems, please reach out to our awesome Support Team at

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