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Reach All Parents and Get Set up in Minutes
Reach All Parents and Get Set up in Minutes

This step by step article will show you how to set up your classroom and get all parents connected and engaged in minutes!

Written by Jason Olim
Updated over a week ago

ClassTag is a simple and robust parent-teacher communication tool, making it the perfect spot for remote learning! It’s never been easier to reach all of your parents and get set up in minutes. Watch this quick video or follow the step-by-step guide below:  

1. Create Your Virtual Classroom(s)

One you have created a free account with ClassTag, your next step is to set up your classrooms. ClassTag gives you the flexibility to add multiple sections, groups, or subject areas.  Remember, ClassTag is totally free, with no premium membership or hidden fees. Add as many classes as you need!

2. Connect with Families

Since you are working from home, there is no need to print sign-up codes. To connect parents from home, you will need their emails and/or cell phone numbers to send their invitation. Under the ‘Directory’ tab, you can upload student names and contact information, or enter them manually. Parent emails and contact information is secure and only visible to you. 

Pro Tip: Once parents are invited to ClassTag, they start receiving all communications even before they have accepted the invitation! Do your students have multiple caregivers? No problem! Everyone can be added to a child’s contact within the directory for fluid communication.

3. Reaching ALL Families

Do you need to reach families in a different language? Easy! ClassTag supports communications in 50+ languages through SMS, email, and messaging.  ClassTag utilizes the Google Translate API to make this automatic translation between parents and teachers possible. 

If you're a teacher who needs to communicate with a parent whose preferred language is something other than English, you can communicate with that parent via ClassTag, even if your preferred language is set to English and theirs is not. Through translation, you will receive the parent's replies via ClassTag in English (or your preferred language), while they can write and receive messages via their preferred language. 

4. Getting Everyone Engaged

If you want parents to participate, make sure to have some content loaded when they first log-on to ClassTag. Greet them with a welcome message or photos to get them excited about online learning. 

To jump-start engagement, post a daily challenge for your families to complete!  Just click the + symbol in the top right corner of your screen to create your first Announcement.  Start out with something simple such as posting a link to a video and having them comment below!

Pro-tip: When you add a link to a YouTube/Vimeo/other videos to your announcements, events, stories or messages, ClassTag replaces the link with the video player. Meaning, your users can now watch the video without leaving ClassTag!

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