Teachers connected to a school on ClassTag may have added the same student in their classes. This results in having these students listed multiple times in the School Directory.

ClassTag Leaders have the option to merge these students so that it will show as one student only in the School Directory. Please follow the steps below.

1. Click the three lines on the upper left side.

2. Click your school’s name.

3. Click “Directory”.

4. Look for the students’ names below “School Directory” then click orange icon on the right side and click "Merge students".

Note that by default, the directory is set to show "Only Active Students". Clicking the arrow will allow you to choose "Show all students" or "Only Inactive Students".

5. The next page will show the list of students that will be merged. Please review the list and check the students you want to merge. Click “Preview” to show the summary of the changes.

6. The list of student’s names, guardian’s names and the classes will show up. Click “Merge” to proceed.

8. It will go back to the School Directory page where the “To Be Merged” message will show up below the student’s name.

9. Refresh the page to show the changes.

NOTE: If the student has different names (e.g., Jenny Smith vs Jennifer Smith), the names should be updated first before it can be merged. To edit one of the student’s names, click on the student’s name, click the “Edit” button”, update the first and last name and then click the “Save” button.


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