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How do I merge students on the School’s Directory page?
How do I merge students on the School’s Directory page?
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School Leaders and Teachers connected to a school on ClassTag may have added the same student to their classes. This results in having these students listed multiple times in the School Directory.

ClassTag Leaders have the option to merge these students so that they will show as one student only in the School Directory. Please follow the steps below.

1. Click the Hamburger menu.

2. Click the School.

3. Go to the Directory tab.

4. Click the orange button on the upper-right.

5. Click Merge Students.

6. The next page will show the list of students with the same first and last name. Review each one to make sure they are one and the same and not two people that share the same name.

Note: If there are more students with the same first and last name, click Load More at the bottom of the page.

7. Click Preview.

8. Review the students, parents/guardians, and the classes they will belong to and when you are sure everything is correct, click Merge.

The process will take a few minutes depending on how many students we are merging. When it's done, review your class directory and no more duplicates must appear.

Note: If the duplicate is not the exact name (E.g., Jenny Smith vs Jennifer Smith), the system will consider them as different people. You must edit the names to match before they can be merged. To edit the names, click the student profile, click the Edit, update the first and last name and then click Save.


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