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How can I send a District-Wide Announcement?
How can I send a District-Wide Announcement?

Sending District-Wide Announcements

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ClassTag understands the need for District Leaders to send district-wide announcements. Maybe you want to announce that your district has new devices that are ready to distribute, you may want to welcome and introduce a new leader to your district, or you want to inform the parents that their child’s report card is already released. Great news! You can now do this on ClassTag.

Please follow these instructions on how to create a District-Wide Announcement:

1. Click on the Hamburger menu on the upper-right side.

2. Click your District name.

3. You’ll know that you are on your District page because the banner is dark blue.

Click the plus key on the upper right-hand corner and click Announcement.

4. Enter the Announcement title and its details. You can schedule sending the Announcement in the future by clicking Schedule.

Add files or photos, or add files from your Google Drive or videos from YouTube. You can change the font size, font type, and font colors, make it bold, underline or italicize, add bullets, etc. by using the text editor.

5. When you have all the details added, click Send, Send Later, or Preview.

6. Go back to the District Home page where you can see the Announcement that you just sent out.

The same Announcement will be posted on each of the School’s pages

... and also on the classes that are connected to the school.

All users (School Leaders, Teachers, and Parents) will be notified about the Announcement via email or SMS (depending on the notification preference they set in their account) and a push notification on their mobile device (if the app is installed).

You're all set! 🙌

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