ClassTag now allows District Leaders and District Staff to send District-wide Events to inform parents and staff members about important activities and holidays that are happening in the entire school district.

Please refer to this quick video on how to do send a District-wide Event.

Below are the instructions:

1. Log in on ClassTag.

2. Click the three lines on the upper left corner of the page.

3. Click your District’s name to go to the District Dashboard.

4. Click the orange "+" key on the upper right hand corner and choose “Event”.

5. Fill out the Event title, Details, Location and Start/End Date/Time.

6. For this example, we will use “All Day” since the event is for the entire day and leave the “Location” blank.

7. Upload any file, photo or video by drag and drop or click “click here”.

8. Review the details and click “Preview” on the upper right hand side.

9. Click “Done” on the next page.

10. We recommend sending an Announcement for the event so all teachers and parents will be notified. Click the “Announce” button on the lower part of the page.

11. Add the Title and the Message of your Announcement. You can also click on “Add Send Time” if you want the Announcement to be sent out on a later date/time.

12. Click “Preview”.

13. If everything looks good, click “Send”.

14. The Announcement will now be posted in the “Home” section of the District Page.

15. The Event will be shown on the “Activities” tab of the District page.

The same information will be added on the School’s page and Classroom’s page.


Home tab

Activities tab


Home tab

Activities tab


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