ClassTag Connect Leaders and Teachers can send Announcements to students by way of their email addresses. Students synced with OneRoster, Clever, ClassLink, or Google Classroom and that have email addresses can receive Announcements. Students will receive the same notification that their parents received. Students are prohibited from replying to the email notification.

Please follow the steps below to create a Student Announcement.

1. Click the three lines on the upper-left.

2. Click the District’s name.

3. Click the orange plus sign on the upper right side.

4. Click “Announcement”.

5. Type the title and the details of your announcement.

6. Toggle the “Student Broadcast” button to turn it on.

7. Click “Preview”

8. Click “Send.”

9. Student Broadcast Announcements will look like this and will have this icon at the top.

10. Students will get the announcement via email as shown in the sample image below.

NOTE: You can create a Priority Announcement which is also a Voice Broadcast, Student Broadcast, and/or Social Shared.


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