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How do I create and upload Student Attributes?
How do I create and upload Student Attributes?

Instructions on how to upload a CSV file to create new student attributes and add them to students.

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We understand that Schools keep a lot of information about their students to identify, characterize, filter, and sort them for a variety of purposes: meal plans, physical activities, bus routes, and many more.

Beyond the basic information such as student names and grade levels, you can now keep information about students' demographics, educational needs, and operational information such as bus routes, and other after-school activities on ClassTag and use it for communication purposes.

❗Important notes❗

  • Student Attributes must exist in your school or district before you can update them for students. ELL, IEP, 504 plan and FRL exist by default. To create other attributes for your students, please contact

  • Student Attributes can be created at the District or at the School level.

Please follow the steps below to learn how to upload student attributes via CSV file.

Create a CSV file

You can create a CSV file to update Student Attributes in bulk. Please make sure that you already received a confirmation from our Support team that your Student Attributes have been added before you upload any data with new Attributes.

1. Create a spreadsheet. Sample/template here.

2. Fill out the columns with student information.

  • Column A MUST be named studentSisId. The capitalization must be copied as is to make the upload work. studentSisid, or studentSisID, or StudentSISId won't work. This is the list of the student IDs used when syncing with the school's rostering system: Clever, Classlink, OneRoster. The ID is found on the student profile.

  • Columns B onwards can be used for any attributes that you want to update. Type the name of the attribute on the first row (use the exact attribute name our Support team added). Then, any values added below these columns will be the selectable options for this Custom Student Attribute. There is no limit as to how many columns you can use at a time. For ell, iep and 504 plan, if they're not true, please leave the values blank. Do not include "no" for these attributes. For frl, please make sure to use lowercase values, such as free and reduced.

3. Save the file as a CSV. Then proceed to the uploading process.


  • If you want the attribute values to be sorted in a specific way in Directory filters, please make sure that they are sorted this way in the Student Attributes file before you upload it the first time. If your file includes multiple attributes that need to follow specific sorting, you may break the main file into a smaller ones with one attribute each, and upload them one after another.

Upload the CSV file

1. On the School page, go to the Settings tab.

2. Click SIS Rostering.

3. Click Upload on the Student Attributes section.

Note: The upload time depends on how big the file is. You can exit the page once it started and come back later to see if the upload is finished.

Profile example with Custom Attributes:

You're all set! 🙌

If you need to add more students with specific attributes, you can update the attributes manually for each student's profile in the School Directory by following the same steps.


Can we update student attributes if we use roster sync with Clever?

  • Currently, student attributes synchronization is only possible via SFTP and a student_attributes.csv file. Sharing student attributes with ClassTag Connect app on Clever does not automatically transfer them to ClassTag.

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