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What are the SIS Sync Failing Reasons and what do they mean?
What are the SIS Sync Failing Reasons and what do they mean?
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There are several reasons for an automated data sync with Clever, ClassLink or an SFTP server to fail. The most common reasons are:

  • Reaching deletion threshold

  • Wrong credentials

  • Schools to sync are not found

Reaching Deletion Threshold

Each synchronization has the Deletion Threshold setting. It specifies the percentage of SIS-managed records that the sync cannot exceed when it archives data.

For example, if there are 501 students in a school and the deletion threshold is set to 10%, then the sync can only archive 50 students at one time when they graduate from the school. If more students graduate, the sync will fail with the "Threshold" reason. The sync will still create new and update existing records but it won't archive anything until the threshold error is resolved.

If you encounter this error, please check if the number of records to archive looks reasonable. Sometimes there's no real issue; you may just increase the threshold to allow the sync to archive outdated records.

But if the number of records to archive looks suspiciously high, please contact for assistance with the investigation.

Wrong Credentials

Each synchronization uses access credentials - authorization tokens, district IDs, etc. - that ClassTag requires to pull roster data from Clever, ClassLink, or an SFTP site.

If using these access credentials results in an error from one of the mentioned services, some tokens or IDs saved on ClassTag are not working. They may be wrong or no longer functioning (e.g. if sharing data was disabled directly on Clever or ClassLink).

If you're unsure about the access credentials your sync needs to use, please contact for assistance.

Schools to Sync Are Not Found

When you set up a district-level SIS sync, you must provide School IDs on ClassTag so that the sync knows how to associate ClassTag schools with SIS schools. If the list of School IDs from ClassTag includes IDs NOT present in the data we receive from Clever or ClassLink, the sync will fail with the "Schools to Sync Are Not Found" reason. It may happen if there's a typo in the school ID, or some schools don't need to be synced and are not shared with ClassTag anymore (this often happens with Clever).

To fix this issue, please review the School SIS IDs on ClassTag, make sure they don't have any typos and that all of these IDs actually belong to schools that are properly shared with ClassTag.

If you need assistance with that or have additional questions, please contact us at


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