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How do I select recipients when creating Announcements?
How do I select recipients when creating Announcements?
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The To Line feature is an addition to the Announcement feature of Classtag. District and School staff can now edit the intended recipients of Announcements while creating one. Please take a look at the instructions below on how to use the To Line field.

1. Start creating an Announcement.

2. Click the pencil icon on the To field.

3. Select recipients between Directory, Classrooms, Schools, and District.

Recipient Category

Announcements can either be multi-family, Classroom, School, or Districtwide. When you select one of the available recipient categories, you cannot choose another one for the same Announcement, you will need to reuse and republish the Announcement if required.


This level lets you choose select families from the Directory level that you have access to. Upload a list of families to receive the Announcement. Access the sample file by clicking the link from the uploader.


You can select multiple classrooms from only one School when choosing this option. If you need to send the same Announcement to multiple but not all classrooms from multiple schools, you need to reuse and republish the Announcement for each School.


Choosing a School from here automatically sends a Schoolwide Announcement. You can only send it to one School at a time.


Let's you choose to send the Announcement Districtwide.

Please note that the list of available recipients will depend on the level of access you have at your School and District. If you do not have access to all Classrooms from your school, you will see fewer classrooms when using this feature.

The To Line feature is also accessible when you are reusing an Announcement or when you are using a Template. Editing an already published Announcement, however, will keep its original recipient.

That's it! Please reach out to our awesome Support team if you have other questions. 🙌

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