This is the third step of syncing Clever with ClassTag. If you intend to see the high-level view of how to start syncing with Clever, please click here.

If you are done with the first two steps, please proceed.

You can add external sources to existing schools on ClassTag to match them with the schools on Clever. If you plan to sync just one school, create an external source for that one school.

1. Click the three lines and go to the District page.

2. Go to Settings.

3. Click SIS Rostering.

4. Click "School Connection to SIS" (0/x Schools Connected).

5. Click Add next to the School you want to sync.

6. Enter the Clever ID and click "Save.

Note: Find the Clever School ID from the CSV file that ClassTag sent you after the initial sync. If you do not have it, reach out to


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