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How do I create a OneRoster Users file?
How do I create a OneRoster Users file?
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ClassTag Connect offers Single Sign-On (SSO) rostering integration with ClassLink or Clever. Alternatively, set up data with SFTP or use our manual process in the product.

The manual process of uploading District and School rosters requires OneRoster-compatible users, classes, and enrollment CSV files. This article will provide you with information about these files.


You can view the sample file here.

This is to upload all students, parents/guardians, School Leaders, teachers, and other School Staff.

You can leave out the parents if you prefer uploading them separately. The process of uploading parents/guardians separately can be found here.

Below is the definition of each column of the users.csv file.


  • Student, parent, teacher, staff ID or any unique identifier for your students, parents, and staff. There must only be one sourceId per person.


  • The School's unique identifier. This will have to be set manually to all Schools before you upload your users.csv file. If you haven't done so, please follow the instructions from this article.

  • You can use multiple IDs for users that exist in multiple schools. Separate the orgSourced IDs by a comma.

  • You can remove this column if you are uploading the file from the School Level.


  • The user's role. One of: student, parent, guardian, relative, teacher, aide, proctor or administrator. Parent/guardian/relative are processed the same way. Teacher/aide/proctor are processed the same way.


  • The user's first name.


  • The user's last name.


  • The user's email address.


  • The user's mobile number.


  • The user's home phone number if there is any. It will be kept in the account confidential but will not be used for notifications.


  • Parent/guardian IDs from the first column to be connected to the student in each row.

  • Each student can have up to 6 parents/guardians so the file can have 6 unique IDs separated by commas.


  • The student's grade level.

  • The acceptable codes are listed here.


  • The parent/guardian's preferred language for communication.

  • Leaving it blank will default to English

  • This will be used for all future communications with the parents.

  • A user can change his preferred language anytime from account settings.

  • If the Language selected is different than the teacher or other school members that write an Announcement or a private message, the Announcement or message will be automatically translated.

  • The acceptable Language codes are listed here.


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