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How Do I Invite New Contacts to Join Our School or District?
How Do I Invite New Contacts to Join Our School or District?
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What’s New?

Invitations to new contacts will no longer be sent automatically. Here’s what you need to know:

Previously, contacts who were added manually directly on SchoolStatus Connect would receive an automatic Invitation to join their school on SchoolStatus Connect. Our new update allows schools to have more control in deciding the right moment to welcome families.

Now, new contacts will not receive any notifications from SchoolStatus Connect until either:

  • A school leader enables the SchoolStatus Connect Invitation to be sent.

  • A school leader or a teacher sends a communication to that contact from SchoolStatus Connect.

The SchoolStatus Connect Invitation is an option for schools that want a clear and formal way to invite parents to join their school on SchoolStatus Connect, but it is NOT required. New contacts added to SchoolStatus Connect can still begin receiving communications sent by teachers, staff, or school leaders– even if they have never received a formal Invitation.

To summarize, there are two key ways that a school can welcome families to SchoolStatus Connect:

  1. Send an Announcement, Newsletter, or personal Conversation

  2. Send a formal SchoolStatus Connect Invitation

Here’s how you can send a formal SchoolStatus Connect Invitation to new contacts:

Step 1: Visit the School Directory

Step 2: Select the orange button

Step 3: Select “Send Invitation”

Invitations will be sent to all guardians or staff who have NOT already joined your school on SchoolStatus Connect.

Step 4: Repeat this process periodically to invite new contacts throughout the year.

*Remember, even if you never send a formal Invitation, new contacts should still be able to receive your communications and join your school.

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