How Do I Archive Messages on ClassTag?
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ClassTag has a feature that allows users to organize their messages by archiving (or hiding) and then later retrieving them when needed. This feature is available for both Teachers and Parents.

Please follow the instructions below on how to archive and unarchive ClassTag Messages.

1. Click the “Messages” icon on the upper-right side.

2. On the left panel, you will see two sections; “Active” and “Archived”.

The Active section has all your messages by default. If you archive a message, it will be transferred to the Archived section which you can unarchive if needed.

How to archive a message?

1. Click a message you want to archive from the “Active” section.

2. Click the three dots on the upper-right side.

3. Click “Archive.”

How to unarchive a message?

1. Click the “Archived” tab.

2. Click the message that you want to unarchive.

3. Click the three dots on the upper-right side.

4. Click “Unarchive.”

A few notes:

  • Archived conversations are present in the Archived tab of conversations. Forever. There's no auto-deletion.

  • Each conversation can be archived or unarchived anytime. Just click three dots on the top bar and you'll see Archive/Unarchive buttons.

  • Archiving or unarchiving happens only for you. Nothing changes for other users.

  • When the conversation is not muted and someone sends a new message in a conversation that was archived, the conversation becomes unarchived and a notification about the message that made it unarchived will be sent out.

  • If it's muted, the conversation remains archived. No notification will be sent out.

  • There's no indication about new messages on Active & Archived tabs. It's a good practice to check the Archive tab from time to time if there are muted conversations to not miss any new messages.


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