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How and when do I archive/graduate students?
How and when do I archive/graduate students?
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There are a few instances when it is best to archive students on ClassTag. The most common cases are:

  • Archiving students who are no longer in the school.

  • Archiving students when setting up automated roster synchronization with Clever, ClassLink, or OneRoster.

  • Archiving student duplicates that you don't plan to merge.

When you archive a student, a few things happen.

  1. Student status changes to Archived. It makes the student disappear from the default view of every Directory which is set to show Active students. The student also disappears from the Connect Reports. But he remains assigned to his school and classrooms, his guardians have the same access that they had before.

  2. Student guardians stop receiving certain notifications. If a guardian doesn't have any Active students in a class, he will not receive daily and weekly summaries, activity reminders, classroom announcements, and notifications about announcement comments from the class. The same rules apply to school- and district-wide announcements - if there are no Active students, guardians do not receive these notifications.

  3. The student becomes eligible for being removed from the school. When a student is removed from his school, his guardians lose access to the school and its classes, student backpacks are deleted, and student data is removed from ClassTag Connect Reports.


  1. Archiving Synced Students. It is not allowed to archive students who are part of an automated roster synchronization. This fact can be used in schools that use roster synchronization with Student Information Systems (SIS) to clean up student records - if you select and archive all students, synchronization-managed students won't change, but all other students will be archived. You will also receive a flash message about it.

  2. Removing Families from ClassTag. If it is important to make sure that guardians of graduated/archived students don’t have access to schools and classes anymore, there are two ways to make it happen. The first one is to completely remove archived students from schools. It will completely erase all historic information about them. Please let us know at if this is the path you’d like to follow. The second option is to remove guardians from Archived students. This action is available on the Directory page, but please make sure to use Directory Filters and only choose Archived students before you actually remove guardians.

Where do I archive students?

It is possible to archive students from a district, school, or classroom Directory page. The steps below will show you how to do it from the School Directory, but it works the same way in the class or district directory.

How do I archive students?

1. Visit your District, School, or Classroom, and open the Directory tab.

2. Put a checkmark next to the students’ names to select them.


  • If you don't have checkboxes near the student names or the action to Archive, it may indicate that you don't have permission to archive students in your school. Please contact one of your School's administrators to either grant you the Rostering Administrator permission or help you with archiving the students.

  • Using the search bar will remove the check from the students you previously selected. You can also put a check on Select x families if you want to archive all active students.

3. Once you have marked everyone that needs to be archived/graduated, scroll back to the top and click Actions, then the Archive action.

4. A confirmation box will appear. Click Archive.

5. A confirmation at the top will flash telling you how many students will be archived.

You're all set now! If you have any questions about your particular use case related to archiving students, please let us know about it at


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